Our Story

Butterfly . Effect


The phenomenon whereby a minute, localized change in a complex system can have widespread effects.


Two elementary school teachers (who also happened to be sisters) set out to preserve the exquisite, but short-lived beauty of earth's winged creatures. They also thought it would be cool to curate a collection of material from our planet's first inhabitants-insects and dinosaurs. Wings, Strings, & Shiny Things, llc. is a line of handmade jewelry and fine art that redefines the term "timeless treasure."


Over 20,000 species of butterflies and moths thrive on six continents, each possessing remarkably distinct traits. More than thirty species of butterfly are represented in our work, so it is no small wonder that our customers often find themselves pleasantly lost in a sea of color and design. Finding a piece that makes a personal connection to your soul is a service we offer--in fact, we wouldn't have it any other way.


Butterflies and Dinosaurs were around well before humans arrived on the scene. We are using our powers for good by promoting conservation and responsible stewardship in our audiences young and old. No living creature is ever harmed under our watch. We stand firm in our commitment to only source naturally expired wings from entomologists, breeding programs (aimed at increasing populations), and conservatories. In fact, we support and give back to non-profit organizations aimed at environmental protection. Our family farm is even a designated "waystation" on the Monarch Migration Route!